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Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

The RIBA believes that an inclusive and diverse profession that is representative of the society it serves is pivotal to meeting the challenges of the future

We're working to ensure that the architecture sector and the wider construction industry is representative of the communities and societies we serve.

We know that there are barriers to entry and progression in the profession, and this particularly impacts individuals from underrepresented and underrecognised groups.

Guided by our Expert Advisory Group, Architects for Change, we're committed to creating a more diverse and inclusive profession.

Our work to do this will be underpinned by the Cultural Intelligence (CQ) framework of inclusive behaviours. We will be using data and research to guide and inform our work, updating formal mechanisms, for example HR systems and policies, nurturing inclusive talents and skills, and influencing the profession through role modelling and leadership.

We know there is much more to do, and we are always listening.

As we work to promote and broaden access to the profession, explore our resources and initiatives below.

Click here to view RIBA Diversity policy

Inclusion and Diversity 2021 action plan

Hear from Marsha Ramroop, Director of Inclusion and Diversity on how the RIBA is tackling underrepresentation in the architecture sector and committing to creating a more inclusive organisation

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Inclusion transparency report

Read our inclusion transparency report which lays out out inclusion journey so far, and our direction going forward

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Inclusion Charter

Pledge your support for a more inclusive profession by signing the RIBA Inclusion Charter

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Inclusion Charter action plan

See our plan for implementing the Inclusion Charter across the architecture profession

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Inclusion Footprints

Help us dismantle the discriminatory barriers that may prevent people from studying, practising, or appreciating architecture

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Gender pay gap guidance

Read our guidance for practises on closing the gender pay gap, as part of our commitment to  supporting an inclusive and diverse profession

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Accessing Architecture

Learn how to support people enter or progressing their careers in architecture, where an awareness of accessibility is integral to creating a welcoming environment

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National Schools Programme

Find out about our school programmes designed to help children understand the built environment, it's impact on people and communities, and why good design is important

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Architecture apprenticeships

Learn about alternative methods for becoming an architect. Apprenticeships combine practical experience in an architecture practice with academic training from a university

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